Developer board on MALT-Cv2 is available



The first samples of the new debugging board for the MALT-Cv2 are available! The board allows to test the execution of software tasks on the MALT-Cv2 processor, as well as to check the functioning of the FDPLL prototype in the entire spectrum of acceptable input frequencies according to LVDS and CMOS standards.


The processor has a MALT-C architecture using 20 general-purpose cores and 480 specialized processor cores. The processor is designed for 28 nm TSMC. The operating frequency of the processor is 1000 MHz, and the characteristic heat dissipation is 10 W.


The STM32 is responsible for managing MALT-Cv2 clocking, integration into multiprocessor systems and other service functions. For communication with other devices, the board provides two 1 Gbps Ethernet and one 100 Mbps Ethernet connector, as well as an Ethernet switch that allows you to debug collaboration over the Ethernet interface of several devices. The board has JTAG and microUSB for connecting to the programmer for debugging, testing, and firmware of the processor. 1GB LPDDR SDRAM and 128 MB Flash are available for users.


The board size is 100 x 140 mm, the power supply is 12V/2A. the board has a fan for cooling the chips.