We are developing several MALT families:
– MALT-C - universal processors for complex cryptographic transformations, including blockchain transactions with utmost energy efficiency.
– MALT-D - processors for simultaneous operations with a big data sets stored in random-access or external memory. MALT-D represents complex processing logic.
– MALT-F - processors for energy efficient solution of mathematical physics problems, requiring irregular memory access.


We constantly improve each of the families increasing the productivity and energy efficiency due to optimization of the architecture for target tasks, switching to more modern technological manufacture process and implementation of a greater number of processor cores from generation to generation. One common program developer set is used for all the processor families, get more information in the Programming section. It’s important to note, that specialized processors of any family are at different stages of development, and for some of them it is possible to get a prototype in silicon in a week, for others preparation of a functional design on FPGA may take 2-4 months.


A new device development doesn’t usually start with purchasing a specialized processor and designing your own board. It starts with a testing target algorithms and tasks on a breadboard or prototype. All MALT families have implementations on FPGA, supplied with fast external DDR2/3/4 memory and with the common set of high speed interfaces Eth/PCIe/SATA. In terms of collaboration we offer you fully functional prototypes of  MALT-CMALT-D or  MALT-F, which enable you to debug your software in a real environment and to give a clear picture of how the completed device will look like and what features it will have in the future.


Feel free to contact us to get more information about the MALT debug sets!