The trusted blockchain solution


Blockchain is an approach, ensuring the data reliability kept on decentralized peer-to-peer network. No matter what operation is applied - transferring funds in Bitcoin, Ethereum contract execution or blockchain transaction - it always needs rapidity and power efficiency.


MALT-C processor family specifically developed for implementation of computationally complex cryptographical transformations, in particular, blockchain transactions with maximum of energy efficiency. By means of our processor you can provide trusted digital connection where the information and the data are successfully kept and transmitted with the use of blockchain technology and cryptographic tools. MALT-C processor family is low-power, so you can create a compact blockchain terminals, including embedded and portable ones. The equipment based on MALT architecture is guaranteed to be protected from software and hardware backdoors - you control both hardware and software! Who else in the world can make such a great offer to a domestic customer? By applying your own cryptographic algorithm on MALT-C, you can be sure that no one could hack the hash function by direct enumeration using the application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC). This way your blockchain system is securely protected. You can implement a full node on our ASIC.



Graphics card alternative


Nowadays graphics processors or GPU often find their use for the tasks which are not related to the computer-game visualization. It is connected with exceptional computing power of modern GPU containing thousands of computing elements, with advanced tools of GPU programming, and, what more important, with low cost. Nevertheless GPUs come as close as possible to universal processors, its essence is in graphics processing of computer games, because its architecture takes the whole potential and real productivity approaches to the highest level. As for other tasks, such as blockchain, big data and mathematical physics, their functionality is, on the one hand, excessive, because there is no floating-point operation in blockchain applications, on the other hand, insufficient, since the limited support for branching and random addressing in shared memory may reduce the performance by one or two orders of magnitude relative to theoretical limit in the ‘big data’ tasks.


There is a specialized solution: what if we create a chip, 80% of which will be composed of one-type computational elements designed ‘from scratch’ for a specified target class of tasks? What if we unite the computing elements into groups conducted by compact universal RISC processors united into computational array that to a programmer will look as a typical multi-threaded processor programmed on C/C++? We’ll get an extremely productive easy-to-use specialized processor! We designed three families of such processors and named the project ‘MALT’. Get more information about the architecture in the corresponding section.