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The following rules concern all visitors and users of the site. A consumer expresses their consent with the rules by using the materials f the site.  MALT System reserves its right to modify the rules and instructions in its absolute discretion. In case of violation of the given rules, MALT System reserves the right to use all legal means against the violators. The given rules concern every present and future visitors of the site (maltsystem.com) MALT System. MALT System maintains the given website in order to provide sufficient and relevant up-to-date information about the MALT System project to all Internet users interested in learning about various aspects of its activities, initiatives and achievements. Although our intention is to provide the most accurate information, the accuracy and completeness cannot be fully guaranteed. In addition, this website contains some information about the prospects such as plans, objectives, strategy, etc., reflecting the knowledge of our management and involves certain risks and uncertainties. We would like to inform you that the actual course of events and the results may differ from the statements and prospectuses published in the site. Thus, MALT System is not responsible or liable for any kind of information on the website maltsystem.com.


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All information presented on maltsystem.com website including articles, texts, photographs, graphics, design of the site as well as selection and arrangement of the material is copyrighted and protected by the laws of the Russian Federation and international copyright and related rights legislation. MALT System is the owner of the exclusive property rights of the information, and represents the interests of the authors of the articles published on the maltsystem.com website. Copying (including recording media), playback (including reproduction sites on the Internet for any purpose, including surveys), processing, distribution, broadcasting, cable communication to the public, making information available to the public via the Internet, any other type use of the articles and other material from the maltsystem.com website in any manner without the written permission of the MALT System, which requires a copy of the permit on paper (electronic permit will not be considered valid) is prohibited by the copyright protection legislation of the Russian Federation. A reference to www.maltsystem.com is obligatory when citing information from the given site. Contact us to obtain permission for citing.





While users look through, read and download information from the given site, we automatically collect and save information about the visitors for the purposes of statistics (i.e. IP-address, domain name, the type of browser and operational system, date and time of the visit, etc.) This sort of information is supposed to be open to public. MALT System and its subsidiaries are not responsible or liable for disclosing the above-mentioned information. No personal information such as a name, address, telephone number or email address, etc. is collected without the particular visitor’s consent.




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