We moved to a new office



We are growing and strive to provide our employees with a comfortable working environment. Moreover, the pandemic requires large and clean working spaces. In the spring of 2020, we needed to move. We gathered our team and tried to formulate what we want. Here's what we finally wrote:


1) Office should be located in a quiet green area. There should be a park or forest outside the windows. When we open the window, we want to hear birds singing and smell the leaves, not hear the hum of cars and suffocate because of highway smog.

2) The office should be located near the center of Moscow and the Lomonosov Moscow state University. The office should be close to metro stations. The office building should have free parking for everyone.

3) We don't want to sit in cramped dark offices. Work spaces should be spacious, with high ceilings and large windows. Workplaces should be large and freely located.

4) We want our own server room, meeting rooms, warehouse, technical areas, canteen.

5) We don't want to be in Class A business center made of glass and concrete, surrounded by office plankton, bank clerks, secretaries, sellers of anything and managers of all types.


Don't believe it is real? We found what we were looking for! We renovated the office, changed the wiring, painted the walls, made many small improvements, and moved to a new office.

So, visit our new office at 5 Fotieva street, p.1.

Did we find what we wanted? Let's go through the points:


1) Our new office is located in a quiet green Gagarinsky district. There is no industry here. There are trees outside the windows, you can hear birds singing, see squirrels running around and smell the leaves around and along the street. In summer, you can pick mushrooms here. Major highways-Leninsky Prospekt and Vernadsky Prospekt are not heard. There are schools, kindergartens, maternity hospital, residential buildings, scientific institutes, car services around the office building; and no any industrial zones around.



2) Our new office is located between three metro stations: University, Vorobyovy Gory and Leninsky Prospekt. You can get to the metro in 15-30 minutes by foot through the park or 10 minutes by bus. There is free parking, where you can always find parking slot for your car. Lomonosov Moscow state University is in a 20-minute walk away.


3) Employees work in spacious rooms with 4-meter-high ceilings and large windows. Workplaces are located freely. We've placed plants between the tables. Everything sets up a working mood here and leads to productive work.



4) We have a separate server room, warehouse, and technical area. Employees can have a snack, drink coffee and relax in our dining room. Quiet meeting rooms create working atmosphere for meeting with customers and business communications.



5) Our office building is not a Class A business center made of glass and concrete. Office plankton, bank clerks, insurers, secretaries and managers of all types do not like such quiet places very much. That's great. On the one hand, there is an academic/scientific/engineering environment that is close to us, and on the other hand, there are few people around, which means there is less risk of coronavirus infection. By the way, about the infection. We have everything needed - sanitizers, antiseptics, UV lamps for disinfection, etc.


6) As a bonus there are many sports fields and park areas around our office. Well, look yourself - sports and park area of the Palace of pioneers, sports and park area of Lomonosov Moscow state University, Luzhniki Park, Gorky Park.



We are happy! All of that will be yours if you become a part of our team :)